In-Store Events

  • Grandparent's Day Event

We specialize in developing compelling in-store promotions that are easy-to-execute for store associates, but memorable for your shoppers. Cottonwood Enterprises understands what motivates customers – and we bring that knowledge to bear for our clients.

Not only do we design and print custom in-store promotional materials, we source all the necessary ancillary items – tablecloths, event tickets, markers, scissors, signage, instruction sheets, etc.-  to ensure the event runs smoothly.  We can receive vendor samples and giveaways in our warehouse facilities, kit-pack them and include them in the event kit, which is tracked all the way to the store. We can also serve as the store’s primary promotional contact so you can take that function off your plate. 

Let us know what you’d like to accomplish in-store and we’d be happy to share concepts with you!