Other Services

“Yes, we can do that!” That’s our response when a client asks us to tackle a specialized assignment. We keep on the forefront of promotional technology, communication platforms and consumer trends. Here are some examples of the types of services we offer:

  • Contest Judging: We convened a panel of artists to judge a My Little Pony Coloring Contest
  • Premium Item Manufacturing: Cottonwood Enterprises created personalized license plates for Tonka ride-ons featuring the child's name
  • Design & Printing: We printed special decode-and-win game pieces that could only be decoded at the Montser.com website
  • Social Media Moderation: Cottonwood moderated a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram event gallery for New York Magazine
  • Commercials and Jingles: Cottonwood wrote and produced the Mr. Potato Head 50th Birthday song - that was FUN!